Multi Weigh India Pvt. Ltd.

Wireless Display

This feature is useful for both Industrial & Public weighbridges. Wireless Remote Displays are installed with wireless technology that does not require any physical connection between Indicator & Remote Display.

  • No cabling required- No need of cabling between Indicator & Remote Display.
  • Less installation & Maintenance cost- Installation cost gets reduced a lot, as cost of cable, laying & Digging charges etc is not required. Very Less Maintenance cost as compare to wired display.
  • Long Distance- The distance between indicator & wireless display can be upto 100 mt.
  • Multiple wireless display-Multiple Wireless display can also be installed for a single weight indicator.
  • Very less installation time-Installation time get reduce a lot as, no need of capping, casing or digging of cable.
  • It can be installed with existing Weight Indicators also.
  • Option to install wireless transmitter inbuilt in the machine.
  • Wireless display compatible to other make indicators (Avery, Sartorius, etc.) can also be provided.

  • Wireless Transmitter:- This will be installed in the weight Indicator through COM Port. Its range is up to 100 meters.
  • Wireless Display:- This is installed at remote location to display the weight. A power supply is to be given to this display.
  • Medium & High range antennas are also available for long distance working.