Weighbridge Care And Maintenance

With the help of manpower and efforts of many people, we have now made weighbridge that will easily measure the weight of vehicles and heavy loaded machines. Multi weigh will provide accurate statistics so that you may be charged accurately according to weight.

Driver's Responsibility 1:

Approach The Weighbridge Slowly

Weighbridge Care And Maintenance

The driver should move the vehicle carefully and slowly towards the weighbridge that its weight should be measured carefully and accurately so that no harm could happen to the load cells maintenance of speed is also necessary while entering or exiting.

Driver's Responsibility 2:

Do Not Hit The Brakes

Weighbridge Care And Maintenance

Putting sudden breaks can create harm to the weighbridge and of course the vehicle owner. That fright can happen on the load cells and it will create the travel restraint. This will make the rest of the weighing process slow to carry forward.

Owner Responsibility 1:

Keep The Weighbridge Clean

Weighbridge Care And Maintenance

It is necessary to keep weighbridge clean, the material stuck under and on the weighbridge can create the damage to it and its efficiency will slow down and affects the efficiency, clean the weighbridge in every two months for its longevity.

Owner Responsibility 2 :

Maintain The Travel Restraints

Weighbridge Care And Maintenance

All the weighbridges are installed by keeping travel restraints in mind; weighbridge can expand and contract according to the climatic conditions. Thus one has to keep the recommended gap while fixing it and check once every two months for its better performance.

Owner Responsibility 3 :

Approach The Weighbridge Slowly

Weighbridge Care And Maintenance

After fixing the weighbridge ensure that its cleanliness is properly done as recommended. Follow diverse approach to make it clean and when any repair is required make sure it should be done at the proper time by the authorized person for better performance.

Owner Responsibility 4 :

Ensure Regular Servicing

Weighbridge Care And Maintenance

A weighbridge is a machine and it requires proper maintenance. Its load cells should have to be periodically checked and greased so that no damage could cause. Its calibration should also be checked by authorized repairer at right time for better recital.

Owner Responsibility 5 :

Diconnect Power During Storm

Weighbridge Care And Maintenance

A weighbridge is an electric machine that works with electricity thus it mandatory to protect it in hard climatic conditions like storms. Switch off the power at the time of the storm that reduces the risk of the damage of the electric components.

Owner Responsibility 6 :

Use A Good Quality Power Source

Weighbridge Care And Maintenance

Many heavy loaded vehicles weight is measured on the weighbridge and thus it is the mark of the precision. It is good to provide a good power source. There are many mandatory things to keep in mind while choosing a power source.

Owner Responsibility 7 :

Do Not Weld On Weighbridge Deck

Weighbridge Care And Maintenance

Never weld on the deck of the weighbridge. Welding includes the transfer of current that may cause harm to the load cells and other electric equipment installed in the weighbridge. If there is any need for welding then to contact an authorized person.


Whenever you think the weighbridge is facing any kind of issues or there is a fault in it then rather wasting time immediately contacts our service provider they will take the immediate action that will help you from any further damage.

When it comes to choosing the best weighbridge then always buy it by the reputed company like Multi Weigh. We are experienced in providing world-class services without compromises with quality of the product having a great range of the spare parts that never delay the service.



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