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Manless Weighing Modules

  • Manless Central Server
  • Gate Entry Module
  • Manless Controller

Manless Central Server

  • The manless central server contains the following: Database connectivity
  • Workflow engine
  • Connectivity to manless controllers, gate entry module and Android manless app

Gate Entry Module

  • Desktop application that supports
    Windows 7 / 8 32-bit and 64-bit
    Linux (Tested on Ubuntu 14)
  • Android based handheld device provided as an alternative.
  • Connects to ACS RFID reader.
  • Card issue at gate for a particular weighment.
  • Permanent card issue to vehicles that are fixed / owned.

Controller Module

Controller: The manless controller is a high end computed device using latest Intel bay trail processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD and in-house developed gpio and power surge protection.

Controller includes the features as mentioned below:

  • RFID Card Reader
  • Two Line LCD Display and Small Buzzer for Notification
  • Ethernet Port
  • Relays to connect
  • Boom Barriers
  • Traffic Lights
  • External Hooter
  • Connectivity to IP Camera.
  • Connectivity to Large Digital Display.
  • Five Digital Inputs to be used for Vehicle Alignment IR Sensor.

Use Cases

  • Permanent card issue
  • For owned / fixed vehicles
  • Card issue for particular weighment


  • Permanent card issue: Gate entry module is used to issue cards for vehicles
  • Optional: Saving of tare weight
  • Weighment


  • Permanent card issue: Gate entry module is used to issue cards for vehicles. The operator enters details like vehicle number, vehicle type, material, etc. and issues the RFID card for that vehicle. The operator can also check a flag that will specify to the system that the next weight capture of this vehicle should be saved as tare weight and use this for subsequent weighment process.
  • Optional – Save Tare Wt: If the save tare weight flag is checked for a vehicle, then when the vehicle comes on the weighbridge, its weight is stored as tare weight.
  • Weighment Process: If the tare weight of the vehicle is stored, then the gross weight is captured If the tare weight is not stored, then first weight is captured and after loading/unloading, second weight is captured


  • Gate entry: Gate entry module is used to issue cards for vehicles when they arrive at the gate.
  • Capture of weight 1
  • Capture of weight 2 after loading / unloading
  • Exit


  • Gate entry: Gate entry module is used where the operator enters details like vehicle number, vehicle type, material, customer, vendor, transporter etc. and issues the RFID card for that weighment. Then driver proceeds to weighbridge for the capture of first weight.
  • First Weight: The driver then proceeds the weighbridge for capture of first weight.
  • Second Weight: After loading/unloading of material, the driver proceeds to the weighbridge for capture of second weight.

New Card Issue contd......

Exit Process:

  • The driver deposits the card at the exit. This card will be re-used for further weighments
  • Optional: Printed weigh slip ticket is handed over to the driver
  • Optional: An exit boom barrier. This boom barrier opens only if first weight and second weight are captured for the vehicle
  • Optional: Large display for the security guards to see the details on screen and match it with vehicle number and other details on weigh slip.


  • The commons setup used in the industry is Red and Green traffic lights at entry, Red and Green traffic lights at exit, boom barrier at entry and boom barrier at exit of a weighbridge.
  • When the weighbridge platform is empty, the green light at entry is on and the boom barrier at entry is open.
  • When the vehicle arrives at the weighbridge, red lights at both entry and exit or on and both boom barriers are closed.
  • The driver then presents the RFID card at the manless controller. The LEDs on controller and buzzer assists the driver with the overall weighment process.
  • When the weight capture (and image capture if the cameras are installed) is complete, the exit boom barrier opens and exit green light goes on.
  • Once the vehicle leaves and weighbridge platform is empty, the exit boom barrier closes and exit red light is on. The entry boom barrier is open and entry green light is on.


Details contd …2

  • In case of error, both the red lights are on and both boom barriers are closed. The buzzer and lights inform the driver that there is error
  • The gate entry application has the provision to reset the weighbridge controller that will allow the supervisor to move that vehicle out of the weighbridge and then investigate the issue
  • An android app is also provided to check the weighbridge status and reset the weighbridge if required


  • Increases the speed and accuracy of weighments allowing more number of weighments on a weighbridge in a single day.
  • Reduces human errors.
  • Very effective at remote locations where getting trained computer operators is very difficult.
  • Added security through integration of IP cameras.
  • Added security by performing various validations at exit.
  • Integration with ERP system.


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