Multi Weigh India Pvt. Ltd.


Dual Platform Indicator is a very useful product for weigh bridge application. It is used to connect two weighing platform through a single weight indicator.

  • Two weigh bridge platform can be connected - Dual platform indicator has two individual port for connecting weigh bridge platform. Thus two weigh bridge platform can be connected in a single weight indicator (Dual platform indicator).   

  • Individual calibration- Both the weigh bridge platform will be calibrated individually. The capacity & length of both the platform can be different.
  • Weight Display- The platform selection option is field programmable. The weight of individual platform, Platform 1 + Platform 2 can be shown in the indicator.
Note:- Out of two weigh bridge platform , both can be of electronic type or one can be electro mechanical and other can be Fully Electronic.

  • Capacity Expansion- Capacity of existing Weigh bridge can be increased easily by using Dual Platform Indicator.
  • Two weigh bridges through a single indicator- Two separate weigh bridges can be operate through a dual platform indicator. Tare weight of vehicle in platform 1 and Gross weight at platform 2 can also be taken.
  • Saving of operator cost- Single operator is required to operate two weigh bridges, results in saving of operator cost.
Note:- During installation or breakdown of one platform, the working of other Platform will not be affected.